Development Appraisal & Financial Modelling & Valuation

Quest Surveyors & Valuers Case Studies
  • Feasibility studies

    Bespoke financial modelling of all major mixed use regeneration and development opportunities. We have a proven track record in modelling detailed cashflows with multiple funding streams over lengthy time scales using bespoke and proprietary software packages including Argus, ProDev, and our own bespoke excel models.

  • Residual appraisals

    This is the corollary of the feasibility study work where financial analysis can be provided to determine the residual value of a site for a given level of profit. The key is understanding the level of profit that is acceptable for a particular development project, together with the relevant measure (e.g. Internal Rate of Return).

  • Sensitivity analysis

    Multiple variable sensitivity analysis to test the robustness of development propositions to changes in financial parameters. The analysis is based upon a detailed understanding of the advantages and limitations of the computer software and grounded in the context of ‘real’ property market risks.

  • ‘Red Book’ valuations

    Red Book valuation of development sites. We have a proven track record of residual appraisals and sensitivity analysis which is more in-depth for complex lending solutions. We are RICS Registered Valuers.

Quest Surveyors & Valuers Case Studies

Affordable and Social Housing Valuation

Acting for some of the largest affordable housing associations across the south coast we provide S.106 valuations, S.172 Charity Act reports, affordable, interim and social rented housing assessments including right to buy valuations.

We provide land residual appraisals to aid negotiation and the purchase of the S.106 element of major greenfield housing schemes. We also review added value opportunities from the Private Rented Sector and starter home provision.

Quest Surveyors & Valuers Case Studies

Major Town Centre & Greenfield developments

We have extensive knowledge and experience in working on major town centre mixed development projects, undertaking financial viability assessment including detailing phasing on major schemes to maximise returns. Working with both public and private sector clients we can act as a vital link in forming partnerships. Our background working across both the residential and commercial sectors is invaluable to the key stakeholders.

Quest Surveyors & Valuers Case Studies

S.106 Economic & CIL Viability Assessments

We prepare and submit detailed viability reports to maximise the developers returns and to agree a favourable affordable housing tenure, either shared ownership, shared equity, affordable rented or interim 80% social rented housing.

We prepare Viability Assessments for Local Plan Viability, Affordable Housing Viability and Community Infrastructure Levy based on policy compliant and market schemes. This is based on detailed market evidence and consultation including ‘Threshold Land Values’ and extensive sensitivity testing to maximise our developer clients returns and minimise both on-site affordable provision or off-site capital contributions. We also liaise and negotiate with Housing Associations on the purchase and handover of S.106 properties.

Quest Surveyors & Valuers Case Studies

Site Assembly & Disposal

We act for private landowners, retained developer client`s and investors to assist in the valuation, and initial site appraisal to form a robust bid or application to acquire or sell land offering development potential. We can extract the maximum value from land for our landowner clients when selling as part of a redevelopment scheme. This includes the preparation of development briefs, obtaining planning permission and marketing the site.

When appraising a site for purchase, we specialise in land valuation based on policy complaint schemes which provides a competitive advantage when negotiating site assemblies. We also negotiate joint venture agreements and development profit share arrangements providing a far solution to all stake holders.

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